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" companions will leave the party if approval ratings are too low, similar to Dragon age: Origins, and it is possible to only have one companion remaining in the end. It’s also possible for the companion to betray the Inquisitor depending on the choices made by the player. "


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i don’t understand what’s going on here

She put Harry’s name in the Goblet of Fire.

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When Utah residents saw 22-year-old Darrien Hunt carrying a toy sword, they called police who shot and killed him. But when 22-year-old Joseph Kelley carried an assault rifle to a JC Penney store in Utah, he walked out without a scratch on his body. They were both the same age. Both in the same state. But only one was considered “suspicious.” And you still believe America is color blind?

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Bop it, Twist it, Pull it, Spin it, Flick it.

fixed it.

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Penis and XY required to be man? False.

Only things required to be a man are:image


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so tokyo is hosting the 2020 olympics just like akira predicted. i hope they do akira themed events such as: motorcycle fights, government overthrowing, and of course the classic mutating into a giant beast and destroying the world.

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this would make everyone shut up 

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the only nude i wanna see from u is ur nude teeth shining through your lips as you smile a great, big smile from a beautiful day filled with happiness <3

yea well i wanna see a tity 

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I love my skin!

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